Bio-One of DC decontamination and biohazard cleaning services


How long will it take to complete?
Time to completion will vary by job based on the extent of the damage and biohazard remediation needed. However, most jobs won’t last longer than 1 day.
Will the work be done discreetly?
In our line of work, discretion is vital and we understand that. All of our vehicles are unmarked and we take great steps to ensure your privacy throughout the process.
What is this going to cost?
The cost for projects such as this can vary based on what we have to do to properly remediate your home.

However, remediation is typically covered under a homeowners insurance policy. We can handle filing the claim on your behalf as well as provide all needed documentation for the claim. We’ll get this taken care of as soon as possible so you don’t have to worry about it. Your only cost will be your insurance deductible, which varies by policy.
Will our homeowner’s insurance policy cover the cost of your biohazard services?
There is no guarantee that your homeowner’s insurance policy will cover the cost of our service, however there is a strong likelihood that it will. Each company and policy is different and we can’t speak for the insurance companies. However, we have a lot of experience working with insurance companies and do our best to ensure the remediation is covered. Oftentimes they are and it’s not a problem.
When will it be safe for us to go back on the property?
This will vary depending on the severity of the case. We’ll go in to evaluate what should be done to remediate the impacted area and let you know the timing when we do. Regardless, it will be safe to enter when we finish the remediation.
Can you save items?
We try our best to save items for you, which we balance with our duty to perform a thorough and complete biohazard remediation. If we feel an item cannot be cleaned properly, we can give it to you, but we may ask you to sign a release document stating that you understand the risks and agree to hold Bio-One harmless.
Do you clean body fluids?
We specialize in biohazard cleaning and bodily fluids fall under that umbrella. So, yes, we clean body fluids.
Can you get rid of the odor?
Removing odors can be tricky and may require multiple steps, such as:
● Carpet removal
● Drywall removal
● Soft pore search removal
● Leaving our ozone machine overnight

Each situation is different, and we can provide clear communication on what we recommend for your unique circumstances.
Can you clean the carpet?
Oftentimes, carpet and padding are beyond repair and permanently impacted by biohazards. Even more, the subfloor below the carpet may be impacted as well. The only way to ensure complete and thorough remediation is to remove and inspect all possible impacted areas.
Do I have to be there when you are doing the work?
No, you don’t. To gain access to the home we need someone to sign our Work Order, which can be done electronically, and we need someone to give us access to the property. As requested, we can schedule an off-site meeting to transfer keys to access the property. Beyond that, we do not need anyone there while we do the work.

However, we do ask to have someone available by phone or text if we have any questions during the process.
Will you have to tear out my floor or wall?
We remediate scenes in layers. As we treat layer by layer, we will test and assess structural components such as flooring and drywall. If anything has gotten below or behind the surface, we will need to remove those materials so we can properly remediate the biohazards.

This allows us to make your home safe with our disinfection process, as well as treat any lingering odor concerns.
Can I see the pictures that you are taking? Who can see those pictures?
We thoroughly photograph and document our work for internal and insurance claim purposes. If requested, we can also send those pictures once our work is completed.
What happens to the contaminated things that are removed during a cleanup?
We are careful to dispose of contaminated items in accordance with state and federal guidelines.
Can we go in first to get items?
We do not recommend entering the scene to retrieve items. We would be happy to get them for you, or we can put them in a designated area so you can retrieve them after remediation is finished.

This is because, first, from a psychological perspective, the scene is something you can't unsee. It could cause additional emotional trauma.

Second, from a biohazard perspective, you are putting yourself at risk by entering the scene. If we can remediate the scene first, then your risk is drastically reduced.

A third reason is that you may unknowingly spread biohazardous materials beyond the original boundaries of the scene, thereby increasing the scope and cost of the remediation project.
I can't afford to replace the flooring after your services, what should I do?
In many cases, your homeowners policy will not only cover our remediation services, but also a flooring vendor of your choosing. Working together, we’ll all be able to put your home back in the condition it was in prior to the incident.
I have paperwork that I need. Is it going to smell?
We’ll find the paperwork for you. If it’s been contaminated, then smells could linger. However, we can make copies and give those to you if it helps.
How soon can we get back into the house after the job?
Once our job is done, you can immediately enter the home without a problem.
Do you post the pics that you take on Facebook or on the internet?
No, we do not share pictures of crime and trauma scenes on social media or the internet. We understand that this is a sensitive and private matter.
What if I don't have the insurance information?
That’s okay, and we don’t need it immediately. Our motto is Help First, Business Second. This means our goal is to make the space safe and habitable for you. Once this is completed, we can work together to determine homeowner insurance information.
Will you open the insurance claim for us?
Yes, this is a complimentary service that we offer